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How to set up your Osmo
How to set up your Osmo

How to unpack, attach and use your osmo

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This guide will help you get set up with the Osmo, the filming stabilizer that you received from Rolla. At the bottom, you will also see common troubleshooting solutions.

Unfolding and Attaching the Osmo

The video below will walk you through, step-by-step, getting your phone properly mounted onto the stabilizer.

Note: Only turn on the Osmo after you have connected your phone to the arm. It's best to turn on the Osmo with the tripod attached to it while it's sitting on a table.

Powering on the Osmo

To power on the Osmo, hold the (M) button, as seen in the photo. The stabilizer will orient itself and the phone will default into portrait orientation.

Getting into Capture Mode

Open up the Rolla app and select the project that you want to start capturing video for.

From the storyboard, select the scene that you want to capture.

You will then see the Osmo set up guide appear (seen below). If it does not appear, you can tap on the camera icon.

FYI: The instructions seen in the video above is available by tapping on the "Help" button in the top right corner of this screen.

Hit "Continue".

You will then be prompted to turn your phone into landscape mode. You can do that by double tapping the (M) button. Once this happens, your phone will automatically open up the camera.

Common Issues

The camera won't open even though I am rotating the phone correctly.

This means that your rotation lock is turned on. Watch the video below to see how to turn it off.

The stabilizer seems to go "limp" even though I am doing everything correctly.

Sometimes, the stabilizer needs to be re-calibrated or it needs a firmware update. Watch the video below to see how to get it updated and calibrated.

My phone is not level while attached to the Osmo

Occasionally, the phone can be on a slight tilt while on the stabilizer, causing Rolla to constantly remind you that the phone is not level.
To fix this, first make sure that your phone case is off and that your clamp is centered on the phone. If it is still crooked, double tap the trigger button on the back of the Osmo. This will recenter the phone on the gimbal.

My phone seems to wobble as I capture my shot

To fix this, first power down the Osmo if it is on. Then, make sure your clamp is centered and level, as having it too far on one side makes the weight uneven and can cause shakiness.

Once that is checked, make sure your Osmo clamp's white dots are aligned with the stabilizer arm when you connect the two.

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